Your Hunting Trip

  • Texas Hunting License
  • Rifle, Bow, Handgun
  • Ammunition/Bolts/Rounds
  • Clothing (Dress for the season-Check the weather)
  • Boots (No Sandals or Dress shoes)
  • Coolers

We typically ask our hunters to arrive to the Texas Hunt Lodge the evening before their hunt if they will be staying one or more days with us, although we do cater to day hunts, and arrival the morning of your hunt as well.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by one of the owners of the Texas Hunt Lodge and your hunting guide. We will assist you with getting settled in by bringing in your luggage, guns, etc and offering you cold drink or coffee. We will check your hunting license, and sign release forms, as well as talk about the specifics of your hunt the following day.

Dinner is typically served between 6:00-7:00pm. We usually have Texas T-Bone Steaks or Fajitas the first evening with Baked Potatoes, Fresh vegatables, Iced Tea, Wine, etc. After dinner, feel free to watch sports or HBO programs on our 50" Plasma TV and take advantage of our Stocked Bar. Take a walk down to the take for some late-night catfish fishing or a dip in the water.

The following morning, breakfast is served with coffee and juices. Upon completion of breakfast, your guide will drive you out to the ranch to begin the day's hunting. If you're after only 1 game animal, then we are typically done hunting by early afternoon, and will field dress your game, hang it, and take a break for lunch.

If you want to continue hunting other game, we will return to the ranch after lunch and hunt until dark or success. Your guide can skin and quarter your game, and pack your cooler with ice. Upon your request, we can cape your game for a trophy, and take your game to a local meat processor and taxidermist (we have a dozen all within 10 miles).

If you are staying another day at the Texas Hunt Lodge, your day will end with more fabulous food and cold drinks. We have a poker table, Nintendo Wii, Dart Board, as well as the Guadalupe River to help you unwind for the day. 

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