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Texas Hunt Lodge will you put you on a Trophy Red Stag that will be bigger than the Red Stag you shoot in New Zealand minus the price of an International Airline Ticket. We have the very best selection of Trophy Red Stag Deer to be found anywhere in the world. From mid-August to the end of February, we offer hunts for Big Trophy Red Stag (Bronze to World Record Class Bulls). There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting Red Deer in Texas, so if you want a Red Stag in Velvet, we ask that you come in August, otherwise September 1st, all of our Big Red Stag should be hard-antlered. 

We typically let our hunters choose the method of hunting Trophy Red Deer that they prefer. Hunters of Trophy Red Stag can choose the Spot and Stalk method, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Black Powder, Safari Style Hunting, Handgun, as well as hunting from a Blind. We can accommodate hunters of any age and experience level, as well as hunters which have physical disabilities or may be confined to a wheelchair. 

We currently have a great number of Red Stag on our ranches ranging from Bronze Medal 10 point Stag to Gold Medal Red Stag with 25 points and great crowns, so be ready to see many New Zealand comparable Red Stag before we settle on your Trophy Red Stag. Our Red Stag hunts takes place from August through February each year.

Red Stag Trophy Fees

  • Managment Red Stag (6x6): $3,500
  • Trophy Red Stag (up to 325" SCI): $5,500
  • Monster Red Stag (326-350" SCI): $7,500
  • Texas Red Stag (350-399" SCI): $10,500
  • Montreal Class Red Stag (400-425 SCI): $16,900
  • New Zealand Class Red Stag (426-450" SCI): $17,500
  • New Zealand Class Red Stag (451-499" SCI): $22,500
  • 500"+ Red Stag: $29,500
  • Red Stag Hind: $1,350

Trophy Fee is in addition to $250 per day which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package.

Non-hunting guests may accompany the hunter for an additional $100 per day which covers lodging, meals and amenities as well.

We have local meat processors and taxidermist to take care of your trophy if you choose, or we can prepare the trophy for you to take home with you. Most local meat processors charge $.65 to $.85 per lb to process the meat, and $100-$150 for caping the Red Stag. We have excellent local taxidermists for your Trophy Red Stag whom charge anywhere from $750-$1350 for Red Stag Shoulder Mount depending on the style you choose, i.e. regular Shoulder mount, Bugling Shoulder Mount, Wall Pedestal Mount, etc. The turn-around time for these taxidermist is from 5 - 11 months.


Below are some of the trophies taken from our Red Stag hunts over the years.

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