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Hunting a BIG Texas Dall Ram at Texas Hunt Lodge

Please LIKE this video! By LIKING and SUBSCRIBING you help us continue to bring the most diverse list of species hunted on YouTube. Rams are a popular species during the Summer months at Texas Hunt Lodge. From Texas Dall, to Painted Desert Rams, Corsican Rams, Mouflon, Black Hawaiian, and all kinds of Urials, Texas Hunt Lodge can put you on the Ram of your dreams. We also have several species of Rams in lower price categories that are perfect for the young hunters of the world, so bring the family and have a couple of days away in the beautiful Texas Hill Country! Once the hunt is done, you can fish the Guadalupe River, Kayak, or even take the short 30 min drive into Fredericksburg to do some sight-seeing and shopping.

Chocolate Fallow Deer Hunt - Texas Hunt Lodge July 2021

PLEASE LIKE AND SUB! Recent hunt for a truly massive Chocolate Fallow Deer at Texas Hunt Lodge’s very own Rancho Viejo. After a frustrating Day 1 of the hunt, we started out day 2 confident we would seal the deal. Sure enough after a couple hours of hunting we came across the big fallow buck grazing at the edge of some thick brush. After a short stalk our hunter made a perfect shot on the slightly quartered animal taking out the lungs / liver , putting this animal down in seconds.

Hybrid Ibex Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge - Texas Exotic Hunting Series

PLEASE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!! Note: Make sure video quality is set to HD ------ Very cool Hybrid Ibex taken this summer by one of our clients. The Hybrid Ibex is a fun hunt for outdoorsmen of all skill levels. Coming in many different color patterns, these Ibex make a truly unique trophy and always provide a fun hunt. Come see for yourself. Hunt package info can be found at the website linked below. Be sure and find us on Facebook and Instagram (just search TEXAS HUNT LODGE on their pages) as well for near daily updates on the hunts and happenings here at THL.

Texas Dall Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge - Texas Exotic Hunting Series

Had the pleasure of taking this young family out last week to get a few rams toward Kathleen’s “Ram Slam”. We had a blast and we always love to see families coming out together and enjoying the outdoors as a family. Lots of nice trophy size rams like this still available as well as plenty of Record Book Size Rams too. Check out some of our recent videos as we’ve been doing a lot of ram hunting lately to see what we have around our ranches. If something like this is of interest to you, give us a call or visit our website linked below. Also feel free to follow our social media pages (facebook / instagram) by just logging into those sites and searching TEXAS HUNT LODGE to find us.

43 inches!! Hunting a HUGE Black Hawaiian Ram at Texas Hunt Lodge

Please LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE! Wow. What a beast of a Black Hawaiian Ram! Ram hunts are popular this time of year. Especially for family groups since the kids are out of school. If you're looking to get away for a few days and get some hunting done, a Texas Ram Hunt is the perfect opportunity. We have all sorts to pick from as you can see in the video above. Corsican, Mouflon, Painted Desert, Texas Dall, we have them all. Give us a call for info or to check availability.

Hunter DROPS This Texas Bison IN HIS TRACKS!

Hunt from late last year going after a big ol’ bruiser of a Bison here in the Texas Hill Country. Check out this hunter dropping this big boy right where he stood! This hunter and his family are going to eat WELL for a very long time! We have lots of option on our buffalo hunts from meat bison (younger bulls or cows) to big mature males. They are available to hunt year round and typically we can accommodate you even on short notice. Give us a call or visit the website for more info.

Grandpa / Grandson Hunting BIG Texas Hogs at Texas Hunt Lodge

TEXAS HOG HUNTING -- Please LIKE the video! Help us continue to bring you the most diverse list of animals hunted on YouTube by liking and subscribing! Had a fun and intense hunt this morning for a big ol' Texas Boar Hog with a Grandfather / Grandson group. We were able to get on the hogs pretty quick upon entering the property, and to stay with these pigs, it turns into a rodeo on the buggy. Thank goodness these things have seatbelts! To book your own hog hunt for BIG Texas Hogs, visit the website linked below. Most of our hogs are BIG bodied, and have BIG cutters. We do sometimes have meat hogs available but generally our hog hunts are for trophy size pigs.

Young Hunter Takes His 1st Animal at Texas Hunt Lodge - Texas Ram Hunt!

This young hunter and his father came out to Texas Hunt Lodge to get his 1st kill, and wanted it to be a nice Ram. After several hours of hunting on their fist day out, they located a group and put on a perfect stalk. Being as hot as it was, the rams were wanting to stay put in the shade, so the group was able to get well within this young mans range. The young man was able to put a perfect shot right in the pump station of this nice ram. We have plenty of rams still available and summer is a great time to hunt them. Bring your son or daughter out to get their first kill, or maybe their first exotic, and have a couple of days enjoying the Texas hill country. For the more experienced hunter, We also have some really big rams of all types. Corsican, Black Hawaiian, Painted Desert, Texas Dall, Mouflon, Afghan and Transcaspian Urial...we have them all. Just last week we took a 44" Black Hawaiian, and have taken a couple of rams around that 40" mark since as well. Summer is typically our slower part of they year so with the amount of guides we have, we can typically accommodate most hunt requests so give us a call or check the website for info and lets get you out here!

Young Huntress Crossbow Hunting Dybowski Sika at Texas Hunt Lodge

Check out Addison, a young huntress here on a hunt with her dad at THL, as she goes after a big Dybowski Sika with her Crossbow! These are the largest of the Sika species with males getting up to 350lbs! They used to be found in areas like China, Korea, Manchuria and Russia. While there are still a few left in Russia, they are mainly located now on game ranches in Europe and America. Its name, Dybowski's sika deer, are in honor of Polish naturalist Benedykt Dybowski, who discovered this deer when he was exploring Siberia.

Hunting a GIANT 44 inch Black Hawaiian Ram at Texas Hunt Lodge - Texas Exotic Hunt Series

Texas Ram Hunt - Note: Make sure vid quality is set to HD! Please help us continue to grow and bring you the most diverse list of animals hunted on YouTube! Like this video and hit that SUBSCRIBE button! Check out this MASSIVE Black Hawaiian Ram hunted recently here at Rancho Viejo located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country just outside of Kerrville. For more info on our ram hunts or any of the other close to 80 different species we offer, please visit our website linked below. You can also follow us for near daily updates on Facebook and Instagram by singly searching "Texas Hunt Lodge" on those pages.

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