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CROSSBOW Corsican Ram Hunt Texas Hunt Lodge

Quick little video of a recent crossbow hunt for a really nice Corsican Ram here near Kerrville, TX at Texas Hunt Lodge. For more information on Coriscan hunts, or any of the other approx. 80 species we offer, visit our website linked below.

Hunting Kill Shot Compilation - Texas Hunt Lodge

Check out some of our recent hunts from the last month in this new kill shot compilation. We are going to be producing some exciting new video content in the coming months so be sure and subscribe to the channel and follow us on our social media sites to stay updated on all the action at Texas Hunt Lodge!

Gold Star Family / Veteran Deer - Turkey - Blackbuck Hunt @ Texas Hunt Lodge

A few times a year we have the privilege to spend time via hunts we have donated with some truly amazing folks. One of the main organizations we work with to facilitate hunts for veterans and Gold Star Families is Headwaters for Heroes. Headwaters is an 501c3 organization (all volunteer) that organizes hunting and fishing trips for Gold Star families and Purple Heart veterans. Check out this video to learn more about Headwaters Heroes and see some of the hunting they did on their last couple of trips to Texas Hunt Lodge!

Addax Hunting at Texas Hunt Lodge

The Addax, while increasingly rare these days in its native land of North Africa, is thriving in its adopted home of Texas due to the efforts of hunters. The addax, along with the scimitar horned oryx, are prime examples of the conservation efforts of hunters. Without hunters, the Addax would be in danger of extinction. Today, Texas ranches are populated with thousands of Addax and they provide a fun hunt for hunters of all skill levels. On this hunt, we follow Texas Hunt Lodge guide Wikus Stemmet as he guides an Addax hunter near Kerrville, TX.

HOG CHARGE! Texas Hog Hunt with a Handgun at Texas Hunt Lodge

Here at Texas Hunt Lodge, we take some BIG hogs! On this particular hunt a big ol' hog charged us and the tusker was shot at 10 yards! Give us a call for your next hog hunt. We utilize all hunting methods for hogs here at THL. From dogs to handgun, we'll take you out for your date with a big trophy boar!

Rainy Day Eland Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge

Really fun Eland hunt on a cold, rainy day near Kerrville, TX. The Eland is the largest antelope in the world and poses a challenge for anyone wanting to go after them. Eland are typically pretty skittish, and as large as they are, they can be tough to put down, as you'll see in this video. The work you put in to get an Eland will all be worth it though, when you sit down at the dinner table and eat your Eland steak! The meat is excellent, and of course, it makes a beautiful trophy on the wall. If an Eland hunt is on your list, there's no need to go all the way to Africa, check out our website for Eland hunt packages and come down to Texas for an awesome hunt!

Hunting a BIG Red Stag -- Red Stag Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge

*PLEASE SUBSCRIBE* - 2 New Videos a Week Just after New Years we went after a big Red Stag at one of our ranches near Kerrville, TX. This big guy took his time showing up that morning, but the wait was well worth it. Check out the video and we would sure appreciate your help growing our channel by subscribing, sharing the video via your social media platforms, and/or and hitting that "like" button! If you're looking for a big Red Stag of your own, be sure and check out our website for more info on Stag hunt packages. We have some of the biggest Red Stag in the world and would be glad to help.

Bow Hunting a BEAUTIFUL Buffalo at Texas Hunt Lodge - Bow Kill Shot

Really nice meat buffalo taken with a bow at White Cross Ranch with Texas Hunt Lodge. Hunter made a perfect shot at about 25-30 yards, and the buffalo was expired in under a minute. Love it when it works out like that! Please help us grow this channel and Subscribe for new videos every week!! You can also follow us on facebook and Instagram (Links below) and for more information on hunts please visit Facebook: Instagram: @texashuntlodge

Hunting for a GIANT Red Stag at Texas Hunt Lodge

*Help us grow this channel! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! 2 New Videos Per Week!* Part 2 of the hunt from last week. This time Jack gets his chance after his friend had taken a really nice Stag that morning.

Hunting SUPER EXOTICS at Texas Hunt Lodge - Nubian Ibex / Markhor Hunt

Here at THL, we hunt upwards of 80 different species. Some of those species are classified as "super exotics" which are a little harder to find than your common exotics like Axis deer or Blackbuck antelope. On these two hunts from late last year, we go after a Nubian Ibex which is native to the mountains of Northeast Africa and the Middle East, and then on the 2nd half of the video, you'll join in as we hunt down a Markhor, a truly stunning animal that comes from the mountainous areas of Central Asia and the Middle East. Cool stuff! So please smash that like button, and subscribe!

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