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Elk Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge for a BEAUTIFUL 360 class Bull!

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KILLSHOT COMPILATION - Texas Whitetail Deer and Exotic Hunting

Check out the 4th installment of our Killshot Series, where its just two straight minutes of kill shots from the last few months of hunts. Lots of cool species in this video, from Pere David Deer to Transcaspian Urial, a Markhor, several Stag and Buffalo. There's something for everyone in this one! Please be sure to hit that like button and subscribe if you havent already. It sure helps us out, and the channel has been growing at a steady pace the last couple of months. Hoping to keep that up!

Father/Son Wildebeest Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge - Texas Super Exotic Hunt

Here at Texas Hunt Lodge, we have many African species and "super exotics" roaming our ranches. One of the coolest, in my opinion is the Wildebeest. Hunting a Wildebeest was not even on our hunter's mind before we saw him, as we were hunting Oryx, but when we saw this Wildebeest running off in the distance, this young hunter had to have him. So, we made a game plan based off where we were and where long time THL guide Justin Taylor thought he was headed and made the stalk. Guide Justin T was spot on in his predictions and just minutes after the initial sighting our hunter had his Wildebeest!

Markhor Hunt on a COLD and WINDY day at Texas Hunt Lodge - Texas Super Exotic Hunt

Short video of the conclusion of a recent Markhor Hunt here at Texas Hunt Lodge. A more detailed video of the hunt will be up soon.

Spot & Stalk Hunting a 140 class Texas Whitetail Deer at Texas Hunt Lodge - Deer Hunting Texas

Short video of a recent hunt for a BEAUTIFUL Texas Hill Country buck at Rancho Viejo near Kerrville Tx. Probably the most sought after animal each year in Texas is the Whitetail Deer. Here at THL, we do our share of whitetail hunts and on this particular opening week of deer season here in Texas our hunter was looking for a classic Texas Hill Country Buck, and while it took a bit of work, we found the perfect one for him. He even passed up bigger, non-typical bucks, to get that classic hill country buck frame.

Gemsbok Hunting at Texas Hunt Lodge - Killshot - Super Exotic Hunting in Texas

Check out the conclusion to this recent Gemsbok hunt here at THL. THL Guide, Justin T offers some appropriate commentary on this one.

Mouflon Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge - Exotic Hunting in Texas!

Check out this Mouflon hunt from early November 2020 near Kerrville TX at Texas Hunt Lodge.

Bow Hunting Red Stag in Texas - GREAT 60 Yard Shot!!

There are few animals more majestic than a big Red Stag. To get within bow range of one is a tall hill to climb, but after a few days of chasing this big guy around we were able to get it done! Keith, a career Navy man, made a terrific downhill shot on this big guy at 60 yards, and couldn't have been more thrilled with the result. The arrow ended up right in the middle of the heart, and this stag was done in less than 90 seconds.

400" Texas Elk Hunt @ Texas Hunt Lodge

This past week we had a group of guys in from Northern California on a family and friends trip, who were looking to get a BIG Elk Bull for Dad. After years of hunting Elk in Oregon, they had had success but that huge "bull of a lifetime" had eluded him. it was time for Dad to get the big bruiser Bull he always deserved. Check it out as we get him on this 400" bull of a lifetime!

HUGE Texas Dall KILL SHOT at Texas Hunt Lodge

Check out this big Texas Dall we took today here at Texas Hunt Lodge. Texas Dalls are a popular animal for our hunters here at THL. We take several each year, and this one is a STUD. We have several types of Rams to hunt here at THL...from regular Corsican Rams, to Black Hawaiians, to Painted Deserts, we have them all. So if a Texas Ram Hunt or maybe even a Texas Ram Slam is something you've been thinking about doing, give us a call and we'll make it happen!

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