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FREE Hog Hunt GIVEAWAY at Texas Hunt Lodge - 1000 Subscriber Celebration!!

To celebrate our 1000th subscriber, we decided to say Thank You to our viewers by offering you guys a chance at one of our BIG, Trophy Boars. This won’t be a meat hog hunt, these hunts are exclusively for LARGE trophy size animals.One of our guides will take you out to our hog ranch and make sure you get one of the big boys. The winner and 1 guest will get 2 nights and 1 hunting day here at the Lodge where all lodging, meals and drinks will be included. Travel to and from the Lodge is NOT included. All you have to do to enter is be a subscriber to this channel. So, everyone that's already subscribed is entered. If you are watching this and not subscribed, be sure to hit that subscribe button and you’ll be entered. Full details about the contest in the video.

Texas Aoudad Hunting at Texas Hunt Lodge - Texas Exotic Hunt Series

**PLEASE SUBSCRIBE** - Patience is everything when it comes to hunting. Will was very patient and spent two long days pursuing this bruiser of an Aoudad Ram. Having seen him early in the hunt and not getting a shot, his heart was set on this ram. We passed on numerous opportunities for other big Aoudad over the course of the next two days in hopes we would still get a chance at this wily, OLD Ram. You could tell this Ram had been around the block, because as soon as he knew he was being hunted, he separated from the herd. We were able to spot him a few times over the course of the hunt, each time he was deep in cedar thickets, laid down with hi chin on the ground. The thick cedar never allowed for a shot, so our only course of action was to bump him from the cedar and try to get him to stop, which he never did. Finally, we saw him before he saw us, and were able to put a nice stalk on him for the shot. With the shot being a little back, we hopped on the buggy and found him still mobile, but this time we were able to keep up with him. After a short chase Will was able to put this ancient Aoudad down for the count.

Dama Gazelle Hunting at Texas Hunt Lodge

After having no luck finding a big Dama Gazelle to go after on the first day of the hunt, we sat in a blind near a feeder on day 2, and sure enough, the first animal to appear was a really nice Dama. The client put a good shot on him and finally had his well-earned Dama Gazelle. The Dama is one of the best success stories of Texas Ranchers taking an animal thats near extinct in its native land and breeding it here enough to substantially increase their numbers to where they are no longer on the verge of extinction. In fact, Texas Ranchers have even taken animals like the Dama, the Scimitar Horned Oryx and the Addax and sent some back to their native lands in an effort to increase their numbers in their homeland. Texas Hunters' interest in these animals is paramount to their survival, and thankfully hunters HAVE taken an interest in them, so they are here to stay. That is of course dependent on the government keeping their hands off of the regulation of these animals again like they did several years ago, which greatly reduced the financial incentive to breed these animals because of a complicated and costly federal permitting practice. Thankfully that was reversed in 2014, and now these animals are able to be hunted free of any extra permitting.

Texas Axis Deer Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge - Texas Exotic Hunting

Quick video of a young man on his first trophy Axis Deer hunt at Bronco Ranch with Texas Hunt Lodge. This was a fun father/son hunt that we were happy to be a part of! The young hunter made a perfect shot and this box Axis buck was done in seconds. Memories for a lifetime and a freezer full of the best, and most organic meat there is!

Mature Gobbler at Texas Hunt Lodge - Texas Turkey Hunting

Turkey Season is in full swing here in Texas. We have plenty of mature gobblers roaming our ranches. While with any Turkey hunt, its far from guaranteed, the Turkey population here just outside of Kerrville, TX is strong, and big, mature birds are plentiful. Give us a call if you’d like to come chase a big Gobbler for yourself!

Texas Turkey Hunting - Nice Gobbler DOWN!! Texas Hunt Lodge, Kerrville TX

Check out this short video of longtime THL client, Andrew as he takes down a really nice Rio Grande Turkey at our brand new property, Bronco Ranch!

Afghan Urial Hunting - Texas Hunt Lodge - Informational Video

Texas Hunt Lodge has the very best selection of PURE Afghan Urial to be found anywhere in the world. The sheep we hunt are also BIG, usually coming in around the 28-32” mark. In fact, we harvested a World Record Afghan Urial taken in February 2010. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting the Afghan Urial in Texas, which makes it a suitable hunting opportunity year round. We typically let our hunters choose the method of hunting Trophy Afghan Urial that they prefer. Hunters of Trophy Afghan Urial can choose the Spot and Stalk method, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Black Powder, Safari Style Hunting, Handgun, as well as hunting from a Blind. We can accommodate hunters of any age and experience level, as well as hunters which have physical disabilities or may be confined to a wheelchair.

Texas Dall Ram Hunting at Texas Hunt Lodge - Father/Son Ram Hunt

**PLEASE SUBSCRIBE** Each year, the Texas Dall Ram Hunt we offer is one of the more popular hunting packages here at Texas Hunt Lodge. With a beautiful white coat and horns with deep curls measuring out to 40+ inches on older Rams, the Texas Dall is a must have for any Texas hunter. On this particular Texas Dall Ram Hunt, it was a father/son hunt for a Texas Ram Slam. They were going after each species to complete the slam, and the Texas Dall was up first. After combing our brand new “Bronco Ranch” for a little over an hour, we finally ran into a group of Rams. After looking the group over for a bit, we decided to make a stalk on the biggest one. This Hunters .270 Winchester did the job perfectly from about 120 yards away and the quest for their Ram Slam was one Ram closer to reality. Check back in the coming weeks to see the videos of the other Rams this father son duo were able to harvest.

Afghan Urial Hunting (killshot) at Texas Hunt Lodge plus footage of HUGE Herd of Afghan Urials

Check out this almost 300yd killshot (forgive the shaky footage, the sheep was far away!) on a big Afghan Urial and stay tuned after the shot for footage of the huge herd. We hunt these beautiful sheep on the Priour Ranch, just a short drive from our lodge. There are many mature, big Afghans left, and as you will see in the footage, the herd is strong! Native to the countries of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan, the Afghan Urial is a threatened species in its native lands. Thanks to Texas ranchers, however, the future of the Afghan Urial is bright.

Big Fallow Deer and Texas Dall KILLSHOTS - Texas Exotic Hunting at Texas Hunt Lodge

**PLEASE SUBSCRIBE** Check out the conclusion of two recent hunts for a really nice Fallow Deer and Texas Dall Ram here at Texas Hunt Lodge. The Fallow Deer Hunt took place recently at our brand new property called Bronco Ranch. Bronco will be home to many of the exotic species you see us hunt regularly on the channel, as well as some BIG Whitetail Bucks! The Texas Dall was hunted at Rancho Viejo which is where we conduct the majority of the hunts you see on this channel. This hunt took place right at the beginning of Snowpocalypse 2021 which plagued almost the entire state of Texas last month. It was one COLD morning, but a little cold/sleet/snow and ice won’t stop us! Our guides will get out there and get it done in any conditions! Be sure to “like" this video and if you would do us a favor and hit that subscribe button, we sure would appreciate it! The channel has really been gaining steam lately and the best way to support us and keep bringing you the most diverse list of animals hunted on YouTube is to hit that subscribe button!

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