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Zebra are one of the most distinct animals in the World. From the time we learn the alphabet as a small child; we all know and love the beautiful Zebra. Zebra are medium sized horse-like animals with black and white stripes that fan back over the haunches and continue to the hoofs.

Male Zebra weigh between 486 to 783 pounds. The females are just a little smaller weighing in at 386 to 739 pounds. They are hunted for their beautiful pelts. The Zebra is possibly the only animal that has a more impressive rug mount than a shoulder mount. They are generally social animals and can be seen in small harems to large herds. Zebras are generally 8ft long, stand 4-5ft at the shoulder, and weigh around 660 lbs, although some can grow to more than 900 lbs. In addition to their unusual stripes, zebras have erect, mow hawk-like manes.

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