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White Wing Dove

The White Wing Dove (Zenaida asiatica), is a dove which is native to the Southwest United States, Mexico and Caribbean. Most populations of White Winged Dove are migratory wintering all over Texas, Mexico and Central America, while spending the warmer months in South and Central US.

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The White wing dove inhabits all types of areas including scrub, desert, woodlands, and cultivated fields. The white winged dove builds a stick nest in a tree and typically lays (2) unmarked eggs in 18 hour intervals. The white-wing dove chicks hatch in only 14 days and can fly 10 days later. White Wing Dove can live to be 15 years old, and are rapidly expanding outside of the native migratory range now into Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

The White wing dove's diet includes a variety of seeds, fruits and grains...they can be an agricultural pest when descending on large fields of grain in flocks. The white wing dove are at least 1/3 larger than their pigeon cousin the Mourning Dove, and can eat larger seeds than the mourning dove.