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The Transcaspian Urial (Ovis vignei arkal), is one of the most beautiful Urial's as the Sheep carries a snow white bib which is very long and flowing in the winter months. The Transcaspian Urial comes from Eastern Asian Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan Afghanistan and Iran.

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The Transcaspian Urial male's horns are are full curl horns with Trophy Transcaspian Urial's coming in between 26-40 inches in length. Female Transcaspian Urial are considerably smaller than males and have much smaller horns.

The coloration of the Transcaspian Urial is sandy light brown colored. The underparts of the Transcaspian Urial, the lower legs and muzzle are white. The chest of the Transcaspian Urial Ram is a flowing white bib which exhibits some dark brown.

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