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Texas Slam Hunt

Texas Slam Hunt

Texas Hunt Lodge will give you the opportunity to harvest the Texas Slam, an accomplishment and award presented to a Hunter, by the Trophy Game Records of the World.

This prestigious Slam includes (4) Popular Exotics:
- Axis Deer
- Fallow Deer
- Sika Deer
- Blackbuck Antelope

We have the very best selection of Trophy Axis Bucks, European and Hungarian Fallow, Sika Deer, and Blackbuck Antelope to be found anywhere in the world. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting for the Texas Deer Slam in Texas, which makes this a suitable set of trophies most of the year.

We typically let our hunters choose the method of hunting Trophy Deer that they prefer, though not all methods are possible on these hunts. hen hunting Axis Deer, you may hunt Spot and Stalk, with a Bow, Rifle Hunting, Black Powder, Handgun, or we may take you Safari Style as well as hunting from a Blind. We can accomodate hunters of any age and experience level, as well as hunters which have physical disabilities or may be confined to a wheelchair.

We currently offer (2) Types of Packages for this hunt...we offer a Trophy Texas Slam package which will get you all (4) Exotics in a Trophy Class, i.e. Bronze or Silver Medal, and then we also offer a Record Class of the Texas Slam, which provides the opportunity to hunt Gold Medal Axis, Gold Medal Fallow, Dybowski Sika, and very large Blackbuck Antelope.

This hunt will take 3 days to complete in most instances, or you may break up your Texas Slam hunt into multiple trips to the Texas Hunt Lodge.

Your Texas Slam Hunt Package includes:
  • Three nights Accommodations at the Texas Hunt Lodge
  • Trophy Fees and Guide Fees for your Hunt
  • Cleaning and Transportation of your animal to Taxidermist/Meat Processor
  • Transportation from the Texas Hunt Lodge to the hunting ranches
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Stocked Bar at the Texas Hunt Lodge
  • Private Access to the Guadalupe River for Fishing, Swimming, Canoe, etc
  • Scoring of Trophies for Entry into the Trophy Game Records
  • Optional Extra Nights at the Texas Hunt Lodge with Family and Guests
  • Optional Airport Transfers from San Antonio, Texas
  • Optional Additional Hunting for other game animals during your stay with us
  • Optional Skinning, Caping, and Quartering available.

  • Trophy Texas Slam Hunt Pricing

    Trophy Slam Hunt Bronze & Silver Medal
  • All Four Exotics - (3) Days - $11,250

  • Record Texas Slam Hunt Gold Medal
  • All Four Exotics - (3) Days - $17,000

  • Guests may accompany the hunter for an additional $100 per day which covers lodging, meals, and amenities.

    To Book your Hunt, Please call us at (830)367-7611, or complete our Online Reservation Page Here