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Rio Grande Turkey

The Rio Grande turkey is native to the Great Plains, western Texas and northeast Mexico. Rio Turkeys can reach an adult height of 4 feet! The short feathers on the rump are a light copper color, and the body has an alternating color pattern of tan and dark brown feathers.

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Originally existing in the millions, this turkey had depleted to extremely low numbers by 1920. Formal programs involving trapping and transplanting were initiated in the 1930's and today it exists over much of its ancestral range. Texas is home to over 600,000 Rio Grande turkeys found primarily throughout the Texas Hill Country and Edwards Plateau.

The Rio Grande Turkey is one of the most sought after game birds in the World, and has been dubbed the Texas Wild Turkey.

The annual bag limit for Rio Grande turkey in Texas is four (4). The Turkey Fall Hunting Season in Texas is the same time as Whitetail Deer Season, early November - early January. The Spring Turkey Hunting Season in Texas takes place in mid March - early May and is for Gobblers only.