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Nyala Antelope

Nyala (Tragelaphus angasii) are medium-sized antelope from South Africa. Both the male and female Nyala have white vertical stripes on their body. The male Nyala does grow horns that grow up into a slight spiral and from 21 to 32 inches on average. They also grow bushy tails and multiple hair fringes that turn gray. Nyala males also develop manes on their upper and lower neck, back and belly that they fluff upon excitement. An average Nyala male will weigh anywhere from 195 to 285 pounds.

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The female Nyala is smaller, weighing in at only 121 to 150 pounds. The females also keep their bright, orangey chestnut coloration like the young. Nyala females do not grow horns. Nyala are reclusive animals and may attack if cornered. A lot of antelope meat is sold as venison; the Nyala is one of those. So whether you are looking for another trophy for you wall, or some good meat to take home, Texas Hunt Lodge can put you on the Nyala that best fits your needs.