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Nubian Ibex

The Nubian Ibex a goat antelope native to mountainous regions of Israel, Jordan Egypt, Sudan and Saudi Arabia. The Nubian Ibex is an endangered animal as there are fewer than 1200 Nubian Ibex residing in the wild now.

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The Nubian Ibex (Capra ibex nubiana) is distinguished by it short, powerful legs marked in black and white. The Nubian Ibex's body is tan in the summer; gray in winter with a white belly.

Both male and female Nubian Ibex have horns. The female Nubian Ibex horns are short and curved horns with ridges averaging 5-8 inches in length. The male Numbian Ibex have huge "wagon wheel horns" that extend up, then backwards, then down. The average horn length of the Nubian Ibex is 30 inches, with exceptional Nubian Ibex horns of 40 plus inches, and 24-36 knobs on the outer curve of the horns. The World Record Nubian Ibex Horns are 54 1/2 inches.

The male Nubian Ibex weigh 100-165 lbs typically, but can get as large as 200 lbs. Females weigh 55-88 lbs.

Facts about the Nubian Ibex
  • Nubian Ibex rut for a month in fall or winter...timing depends on how much rain occurs.
  • Nubian Ibex gestation is 5 to 5.5 months and give birth to 1-3 young
  • Nubian Ibex may live up to 20 years.
  • Nubian Ibex are known to jump 12 to 13 feet, so fences require higher walls
  • The male odor is very apparant as their upright tail exposes anal glands.
  • Rutting males spray themselves with Urine which can cause skin problems.
  • The Nubian Ibex have little Stamina and are very slow runners on flat terrain.