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European Mouflon Sheep

The Mouflon is thought to be one of the two ancestors for all modern domestic sheep breeds. The Mouflon is a colorful sheep with coarse hair hiding a wooly undercoat. Texas Mouflons are usually brown with black and white legs while the ears, nose, belly and rump are white. The older males will turn black with a white saddle patch.

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The males and females have horns, but those of the males are larger. The curved, spiral horns are usually around 25 inches in length and are arch back over its head. The mouflon's horns don't flare out at the end as most wild sheep's do. The size of a male mouflon's horns determine his status in the group. They will drink twice daily when hot, otherwise irregularly. They are very aggressive around each other yet they are gregarious. They breed from October to December with a gestation of 5 months.

Since the 1980s, Mouflon sheep have been successfully introduced into game ranches in North America, most commonly Texas for the purpose of hunting. It is rare to find a pure bred Mouflon on these ranches as they generally interbreed with the corsican sheep.

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