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From the Persian Ibex, Alpine Ibex, European Ibex, Nubian Ibex, Siberian Ibex, Hybrid Ibex, or YO Ibex, Texas Hunt Lodge has packages available to hunt any of them.

The Persian Ibex, or Iranian Ibex was brought to New Mexico from Iran in the 1970s and since has roamed it's way to Texas. The Ibex male adults typicaly will produce horns from 31 to 60 inches and way up to 200 pounds. The Persian Ibex is sandy brown in color and has Scimitar shaped horns.

The Nubian Ibex comes from North Africa and Arabia orginally. The Nubian Ibex has a white belly and a tan or grayish coat marked with contrasting black and white marks. Medium horn lenghts for the Nubian Ibex are 30 inches but the world record is just over 54 inches.

Both male and female Ibex have horns. While female horns are modest nine-inch prongs, the males truly wear a crowning glory. Thirty inches of knife-blade horn, one on each side, sweep back from the adult male's forehead, curving in perfect arcs. The curved horns make this exotic animal an extremely unique and prestigious trophy to add to any collection.