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Texas Hunting Season Dates

Native Texas Game
For Native Texas Game Animals, there is a limited season for most, as well as bag or possession limits. Those animals and their approximate hunting seasons are as follows:
White-tailed Deer
Archery: End of September through October
General: Early November to early-January
Late Antlerless and Spike: Early January to mid-January

Rio Grande Turkey
Archery: End of September through October
Fall Season: Early November to early-January
Spring Hunt Season: Mid March to early-May

Statewide: Late October to mid-February

White Wing Dove
Late Summer: Early September through October
Winter: Late December to early January

County by County: October to March

Upper Texas Coast: September 10-30, 2011

Northern Texas: October to February Southern Texas: Year-round

Mule Deer
Archery: Late September to the end of October
General: Late November to early December

Pronghorn Antelope
By Permit Only: One week in October

There is not a limited hunting season in the state of Texas for Non-native Exotic Animals, nor are there any state bag or possession limits or closed seasons on exotic wild game animals. With a valid State of Texas Hunting License, you may hunt a non-Native game animal year-round. Those animals include, but are not limited to:

  • Addax Antelope Hunt
  • Afghan Urial Hunt
  • African Porcupine Hunt
  • Texas Alligator Hunt
  • Aoudad Sheep Hunt
  • Arabian Oryx Hunt
  • Armenian Mouflon Hunt
  • Axis Deer Hunt
  • Axis Doe Hunts
  • Barasingha Hunt
  • Beisa Oryx Hunt
  • Black Hawaiian Hunt
  • Black Wildebeest Hunt
  • Blackbuck Antelope Hunt
  • Blesbok Hunt
  • Bobwhite Quail Hunt
  • Bongo Hunt
  • Buffalo Hunts
  • Catalina Goat Hunt
  • Chinese Water Deer
  • Chukar Hunt
  • Corsican Ram Hunt
  • Dama Gazelle Hunt
  • Eland Hunts
  • Eld's Deer Hunt
  • Elk Hunt
  • Fallow Deer Hunt
  • Father & Son Hunt
  • Feral Hog Hunt
  • 4 Horned Jacob Sheep
  • Fox Hunts
  • Gaur Hunts
  • Gemsbok Hunt
  • Hill Country Whitetail
  • Himalayan Tahr
  • Hog Deer Hunt
  • Hog Dog Hunts
  • Hybrid Ibex Hunt
  • Impala Hunt
  • Kafue Lechwe Hunt
  • Kudu Hunt
  • Markhor Hunt
  • Merino Ram Hunt
  • Mexico Dove Hunt
  • Mouflon Hunts
  • Mule Deer Hunt
  • Muntjac Deer Hunt
  • Nilgai Hunt
  • Nubian Ibex Hunts
  • Nyala Hunt
  • Painted Desert Ram Hunt
  • Pere David's Deer
  • Persian Ibex Hunt
  • Pheasant Hunt
  • Pronghorn Antelope Hunt
  • Red Deer Hunt
  • Red Lechwe Hunt
  • Red Sheep Hunt
  • Roan Antelope Hunt
  • Rusa Deer
  • Sable Hunts
  • Sambar Deer
  • Scimitar Oryx Hunts
  • Sika Deer Hunt
  • Silk Deer Hunt
  • Sitatunga Hunt
  • Springbok Hunt
  • Texas Dall Sheep
  • Texas Dove Hunts
  • Texas Ram Slam Hunt
  • Thomson's Gazelle Hunt
  • Transcaspian Urial Hunt
  • Turkey Hunt Package
  • Waterbuck Hunt
  • Water Buffalo Hunt
  • Watusi Hunts
  • White Bearded Wildebeest
  • Whitetail Deer Hunt
  • White Elk
  • White Winged Dove Hunt
  • Wild Boar Hunt
  • Wildebeest Hunt
  • Yak Hunt
  • YO Ibex Hunt
  • Zebra Hunts

  • The Entire Texas Hunting Season Dates by Animal can be viewed online at Texas Parks and Wildlife online here.