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The Gaur (Bos Gaurus) is the largest species of Wild Cattle in the world, larger than the Cape Buffalo, Water Buffalo, and Bison. The Guar orginates from South Asia and Southeast Asia. The largest populations of Gaur found today are in India.

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The Gaur has a dark brown hide, which approches black when the Gaur ages. The lower part of the Gaur's legs is pure white. The Gaur's horns are either Yellow or Greenish with Black Tips. Male Gaur often weigh 2500-3000 lbs and stand up to 6 and 7 ft high at the shoulder.

The Gaur is recognized by the high ridge on the forehead between his horns, and his horns are regularly curved throughout their length, and are bent inward and slightly backward at their tips. The Gaur's ears are very large.