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Exotic Hunts in Texas

  • Addax Hunts
  • Afghan Urial Hunt
  • African Porcupine Hunt
  • Aoudad Sheep Hunt
  • Arabian Oryx Hunt
  • Armenian Mouflon Hunt
  • Axis Deer Hunt
  • Axis Doe Hunts
  • Barasingha Hunt
  • Black Hawaiian Ram Hunt
  • Black Wildebeest Hunt
  • Blackbuck Antelope Hunt
  • Beisa Oryx Hunt
  • Blesbok Hunt
  • Blue Sheep Hunt
  • Blue Wildebeest Hunt
  • Bobwhite Quail Hunt
  • Bongo Hunt
  • Buffalo Hunts
  • Catalina Goat Hunt
  • Chinese Water Deer
  • Chukar Hunt
  • Corsican Ram Hunt
  • Dama Gazelle Hunt
  • Eland Hunts
  • Eld's Deer Hunt
  • Elk Hunt
  • Emu Hunt
  • Fallow Deer Hunt
  • Father & Son Hunt
  • Feral Hog Hunt
  • 4 Horned Jacob Sheep
  • Fox Hunts
  • Gaur Hunts
  • Gemsbok Hunt
  • Hill Country Whitetail
  • Himalayan Tahr Hunt
  • Hog Deer Hunt
  • Hybrid Ibex Hunt
  • Impala Hunt
  • Kafue Lechwe Hunt
  • Kudu Hunt
  • Markhor Hunt
  • Merino Ram Hunt
  • Mexico Dove Hunt
  • Mouflon Hunts
  • Mule Deer Hunt
  • Muntjac Deer Hunt
  • Nilgai Hunt
  • Nubian Ibex Hunts
  • Nyala Hunt
  • Ostrich Hunt
  • Painted Desert Ram Hunt
  • Pere David's Deer
  • Pheasant Hunt
  • Persian Ibex Hunt
  • Pronghorn Antelope
  • Red Stag Hunt
  • Red Lechwe Hunt
  • Red Sheep Hunt
  • Rhea Hunts
  • Roan Antelope Hunt
  • Rusa Deer Hunt
  • Sable Hunts
  • Sambar Deer
  • Scimitar Oryx Hunts
  • Sika Deer Hunt
  • Sitatunga Hunt
  • South Texas Whitetail
  • Springbok Hunt
  • Texas Dall Sheep
  • Texas Dove Hunts
  • Texas Ram Slam Hunt
  • Thomson's Gazelle Hunt
  • Transcaspian Urial Hunt
  • Turkey Hunt Package
  • Waterbuck Hunt
  • Water Buffalo Hunt
  • Watusi Hunts
  • White Bearded Wildebeest Hunts
  • White Buffalo Hunt
  • Whitetail Deer Hunt
  • White Winged Dove Hunt
  • Wild Boar Hunt
  • Wildebeest Hunt
  • Yak Hunt
  • YO Ibex Hunt
  • Zebra Hunts
  • Zebu Hunt
  • Record Axis Hunt

    Blackbuck Hunt

    Scimitar Oryx Hunt

    Ibex Hunt

    Water Buffalo Hunt

    Texas Whitetail Hunt

    Texas Dall Hunt
      Your Hunt Package includes:
    • Exquisite Accomodations at the Texas Hunt Lodge
    • Trophy Fee and Guide Fee for your Hunt
    • Southern Breakfast, BBQ Lunch, and Exotic Game or Down-Home Comfort Food Dinner
    • Fully Stocked Bar at the Texas Hunt Lodge
    • Cleaning and Transportation of your animal to Taxidermist/Meat Processor
    • Transportation from the Texas Hunt Lodge to one of (15) hunting ranches
    • Private Access to the Guadalupe River for Fishing, Swimming, Canoe, Jet Ski, etc
      Package Options:
    • Optional Extra Nights at the Texas Hunt Lodge with Family and Guests
    • Optional Airport Transfers from San Antonio or Austin, Texas
    • Optional Additional Hunting for other game animals during your stay with us
    • Optional Skinning, Caping, and Quartering available.
    • Optional Day trips to Mexico, Fredericksburg, Leakey, San Antonio

    Texas Hunt Lodge puts you on the Game animal that you and your group want to harvest...Guaranteed. With access to over 100,000 acres of multiple private exotic hunting ranches within 45 minutes from your accomodations in Kerrville, you will not be searching morning and late afternoon, day after day, looking for your Exotic Game animal. If you are not able to take a shot at the exotic that you've requested from Texas Hunt Lodge, then we will refund your exotic trophy fee.

    We typically let our exotic hunters choose the method of exotic hunting that they prefer, if applicable. Texas Exotic Hunters can choose the Spot and Stalk method, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Black Powder, Safari Style Hunting, Handgun, as well as hunting from a Blind. We can accomodate exotic hunters of any age and experience level, as well as hunters which have physical disabilities or may be confined to a wheelchair. We love to have 1st time hunters join us...we take great pride in helping to educate children and beginner exotic hunters about the responsibilities of hunting. We also host multiple charitable Foster Children Hunts throughout the year.

    The majority of our exotic hunting packages are 1-2 nights at the Texas Hunt Lodge, and 1-2 trips out in the field to search for and harvest your exotic game animal...custom hunt packages for multiple wild game animals are available upon request and discounts will apply.

    To Book your Hunt, Please call us at (830)367-7611, or complete our Online Reservation Page Here