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Catalina Goat

The Catalina Goat is one of the most frequently hunted Exotic Game species as their horns grow extremely wide making very impressive Trophy Mounts. The name, Catalina Goat (Capra Hircus) stems from domestic goats named for Feral Goats found on the Santa Catalina Island near Los Angeles, California.

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A Catalina Goat, today, could be any type of goat offered for hunting...The Angora or New Zealand goats are classified as Catalina Goats.

This goat will be black, brown, reddish brown, or white on most animals, however, other colors are not uncommon. The outer hair is typically course, and both males and females may have a beard. The males have Large horns that grow up and back from the head in large twists...The horn spread can be 30 to 40 inches, and horn length averages 20-30 inches. The record Catalina Goat has horns in excess of 53 inches. Females are typically hornless, but may have short curved cones of 4 to 6 inches.

Large male can weigh up to 175 pounds with the female weighing 80 pounds.

The Catalina Goat does not need much water, and can easily live in hot and dry conditions. The feed mostly on grasses and leaves...they are typically found on rough, overgrazed ranges.

The gestation period for the Catalina Goat is approximately 5 months, and they give birth to 1, 2 or 3 young at a time.