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Aoudad Sheep

The Aoudad Sheep, also known as Barbary sheep or Aoudad Goat, is native to the Desert Mountains of the Sahara region, but is also now quite plentiful on Exotic Game ranches in Texas and New Mexico. Introduction of Aoudad into the wild in the US, by private sources, first took place in Llano and Kerr counties of Texas in the early 1950's.

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Both male and female Aoudad Sheep have large horns that make for great trophies. Aoudad Sheep Mounts are usually done with the shoulders and front legs in tact to show the beautiful flowing mane. Both male and female Aoudad are sandy brown in color and weigh anywhere from 66 lbs to 319 lbs. The shoulder height is between 2.5-3.7 feet and their length is between 4 and 5.5 feet.

The meat of an old Aoudad ram is tough and not considered tasty. However, as with most sheep, the meat from the Aoudad females and the Aoudad young is quite tasty if prepared correctly.