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YO Ibex

The YO Ibex a goat antelope which was developed by the YO Ranch in West Kerr County, Texas. This Ibex is a cross between a Persian Ibex and a domestic goat.

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The YO Ibex were created by breeding Persian Ibex males to female domestic goats including the Catalina and Spanish goat.

The YO Ibex (Capra ibex YO) is distinguished by it short, powerful legs marked in black and white or tan. The YO Ibex's body can be tan, white or black usually with a white belly.

Both male and female YO Ibex have horns. The female YO Ibex horns are short and curved horns with ridges averaging 5-8 inches in length. The male YO Ibex have huge "wagon wheel horns" that extend up, then backwards, then down. The average horn length of the YO Ibex is 28 inches, with exceptional YO Ibex horns of 40 plus inches. The World Record YO Ibex Horns are 46 inches.

The male YO Ibex weigh 100-165 lbs typically, but can get as large as 200 lbs. Females weigh 55-88 lbs.