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Barasingha Deer

Barasingha Deer, Swamp Deer, or Barasinga (Rucervus duvaucelii)is an endangered species of deer native to India and Nepal. The species nearly went extinct in 1970 when their population reached an all time low of only 66 deer.

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Barasingha were brought to Texas almost 100 years ago for sport hunting, and today is it National Law that 10% of the trophy fees for hunting the Barasinga Deer must be sent to India for the preservation of the species in it's original habitat. Native to India and Nepal, where there are three subspecies, two of which inhabit dry, hard ground while the third has adapted to marshy habitat.

The Barasingha Deer stand around 44-46 inches at the shoulder and weigh 350-400 pounds, with females considerably smaller. The Barasingha deer has a golden brown summer coat with a dark dorsal line. In India, they develop spots as well. The winter coat is a coarser dull grayish-brown with lighter underparts, and the males grow a prominent neck ruff.

The Current SCI Score thresholds for Trophy Barasingha Deer are:
Gold: 163 3/8 inches
Silver: 150 7/8 inches
Bronze: 129 inches